New Christmas window at Puls by Belgian artist Bavo de Furne

11/12/20 > 30/01/21

  • Bavo de Furne

‘A breath of fresh air for the brain' is what Bavo de Furne likes to call his ceramic creation process. Working in direct contact with clay provides a non-verbal way of dealing with concepts that are difficult to put into words. The 'Heart of Darkness’ series is about the sorrow for the loss of a loved one. The Energy Ceramics deal with finding the strength to go on. Bavo's most recent pieces are seeking balance in a forever changing world.
De Furne studied video art at the Luca School of Arts in Brussels. He is active as a screenwriter and director responsible for 'Souvenir' with Emmy-nominee Isabelle Huppert. His fascination for the visual power of objects was fuelled back in 1992 when he worked as a set decorator for Peter Greenaway.
Initially, Bavo's work with clay was an effort to create objects that he hoped would bridge the gap between the art deco architecture of his house and its modern mid-century furnishings. However, this private search for the ideal form for his habitat became more radical than planned. It soon became an artistic activity in its own right. Bavo's technique is a mixture of a number of slow methods such as coiling, slab building and press moulding. The process is deliberately time-consuming. Bavo de Furnes' work is rooted in the formal language of modernist design. His sculptural vase forms explore tension zones between functional and formal, classic and modern, geometric and organic and always have an unashamedly esthetic quality.